James Nearn
Christian, husband, father, geek.

Getting Started
1) Create an account at Coinbase

2) Connect your Coinbase account with a bank or credit card and move some money to your Coinbase account

3) Purchase BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH at a comfortable price.

Feel free to stop at this point if the long term goal is to liquidate back to USD.

4) Explore/invest/gamble in "alt coins" at an exchange like Bittrex or Binance. Pick an exchange and create an account.

5) On the exchange, find the wallets page and get your BTC/BCH/LTC/ETH address. Copy this address to Coinbase and transfer your funds to the exchange.

ETH: 0x0d2493AC2603d28DCc0BF10cA59a9dd692AF1ce3