James Nearn
Christian, husband, father, geek.
James Nearn, also known as the "Rare Extrovert Developer," is a self-taught technology business consultant. Aside from playing with BASIC on Atari and Commodore 64, my real PC experience started in 1992 on an IBM XT 8086 running MS-DOS 3.3 while the rest of the world was being introduced to the new Pentium (586) CPU. Growing up in the ghetto of Chicago suburbs, my mother allowed me to immerse myself into the world of computers, which managed to keep me off the streets.

Entering the workforce in 1998 as a grocery clerk, my early adult years featured beginner factory work which lead to programming on a CNC brass lathe. As my skills matured, I've had the pleasure of learning how business is conducted in the pharmaceutical industry, which lead to a contractor role with the Department of Defense. I spent many years working on software for the senior housing assistance industry, which lead to roles for handling tax forms for casino winnings and software managing the realtor transactions. As of March 2016, have been involved with providing mobile application support for Android and iOS devices which are used to gather compliancy data for the Department of Transportation.

Aside from coding as a career, I also enjoy programming as a hobbyist. I spend my free time with my wife and three homeschooling children... but when I have free time, I'm most certainly pounding on a keyboard!